Monday, 23 May 2011

Coke Studio Season 4

The Episode gains momentum with Mizraab’s exhilarating “Kuch Hai”, replete with classic rock elements that have been fused at Coke Studio with a distinct Eastern flavor.“Kuch Hai” features Faraz Anwar’s heavy acoustic guitar riffs, matched by equally powerful alaaps or vocal interludes from qawwal Mannan and is richly embellished by Coke Studio backing-vocalists, Zoe and Rachel. The compelling punch of the darbuka, played by Mizraab percussionist Nasir Ahmed, amplifies the theatrical impact of the interplay to make for a truly enthralling experience.

In a breath-taking change of direction, Coke Studio then unleashes a captivating collaboration - Balochi folk legend Akhtar Channal Zahri and contemporary pop songstress Komal Rizvi together in, “Daanah pe Daanah”. Originally written and composed by Zahri himself, the song fondly sings the praises of the province he hails from. Presenting an unconventional alliance, this Coke Studio rendition of the popular folk song fuses with Sindhi Sufic classic ‘Lal Meri Path’, taking both well-loved anthems to a new level. Reborn against the backdrop of a modern funk groove the song becomes a symbolic celebration of diversity.

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